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Welcome to SPEAK: a platform for people with ideas and stories who choose to stand up and SPEAK.


Our mission is to create an inclusive, global platform, consisting of live stages and streaming content, to share ideas and stories that amplify the voices of people around the world, spanning diverse adult and youth communities.


Our vision is to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to share their unique stories,  perspectives and ideas to make a positive impact on their community, their country, and the world. We envision a global SPEAKing community where people from all walks of life are empowered to stand up and SPEAK. Through our platform we aim to connect people from around the globe and create a community where individual stories, diverse perspectives and good ideas are valued and celebrated. 


We are a social enterprise comprised of a 3 headed co-leadership council. SPEAK was born from a need to provide a different type of speaking platform for people with ideas and stories. We tearing down the hierarchy of that creates an elitist mentality in the speaking world and we're doing the same with our organization, building a progressive company that is part for-profit company and part social enterprise. We have a social mission to create impact throughout the globe by creating stages and opportunities to amplify an inclusive spectrum of voices. 


SPEAK talks are 6-10 minutes in length and are delivered in a storytelling format. There are three key moments in a SPEAK Talk. The moment of truth, the moment of transformation, and the moment of impact. Our pop-up events are the foundation of our platform. Producers from all around the globe apply to produce SPEAK pop-up events. Each pop-up consists of 10 SPEAKers delivering their talks while being recorded for rebroadcast on our channels including our YouTube channel and The SPEAK Podcast, amongst others. SPEAKers are NOT PAID nor can they pay SPEAK to become one of our SPEAKers. SPEAKers are chosen via an invite-only model. There are three ways to join a SPEAK stage: invitation from one of our Channel Partners; invitation from a pop-up producer; invitation from the Internal SPEAK Invitation Committee. Besides our pop-up events, we also host an annual SPEAK main stage event and various specialty main stage events throughout the year. Once a person becomes a Published SPEAKer, they are eligible to apply for consideration for the annual SPEAK main stage. SPEAK talks can be watched on the SPEAK YouTube Channel or listened to on The SPEAK Podcast



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