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Interested in Becoming a SPEAK Producer?

SPEAK pop-up events are the foundation of the SPEAK platform. Our pop-up events happen across the globe and at the heart of our pop-up events are the producers that curate them. SPEAK's producer program is a unique partnership between the producer and SPEAK Events LLC. In order for a producer of our pop-up events to be successful, they not only need to curate a unique event with 10 impactful SPEAK Talks, but they also need to be successful at the business of coordinating a SPEAK pop-up. Successful events create a sustainable model for our producers to continue curating our pop-ups and sustaining our community is a top priority for SPEAK.

Here a few highlights of becoming a SPEAK Producer:

🔵 SPEAK pop-up events are produced in collaboration with SPEAK. That means that SPEAK supports producers with coaching, marketing, production, advisement, and budget.

🔵 Producers are creative partners AND business partners in their licensed event. SPEAK encourages financially successful events in order to cultivate long-term, sustainable relationships with our producers.

🔵 SPEAK provides a basic framework of guidelines that must be followed when producing a pop-up in order to maintain continuity between all of our events, but also encourages producers to curate the fine details of the event in a way that puts the producer's very own signature on the final product.

🔵 SPEAK's producer program has removed the barriers to success that independently organized events typically face, including: lack of resources, lack of production knowledge, Audio/Video quality issues, lack of marketing outreach, and more. Working in collaboration with producers allows SPEAK to use our resources to help our producer partners run a successful event.

🔵 Creative control is in the hands of our producers with guidelines in place that will guarantee fairness, equity, quality, and the amplification of voices.

Becoming a successful SPEAK Producer is a difficult task filled with hard work, but a task that ends with an incredible feeling of responsibility fulfilled and impact created. All producer applicants are vetted based on their producing experience, public speaking knowledge, coaching ability, ability to build an audience, and overall leadership acumen. If you are interested in becoming a SPEAK Producer, please email us at speak@speakevent.com or fill out the "Get Involved" inquiry form below.

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How Does it Work?

Our SPEAK Producer Agreement goes into full detail on the entire producer program. Once approved, producers must complete and submit the agreement to SPEAK Events LLC. Feel free to download and read the entire agreement and contact us with any questions.


The number one issue that producers of independently organized speaking events is a lack of budget for and/or knowledge of audio and video production for events. SPEAK has an internal videography team and a global network of videographers that we work with. Videography, during the collaborative producing process, is the logistical responsibility of SPEAK and NOT the producer.

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Creativesriut is the parent company of Bumble and Badoo,the world’s highest-grossing dating.


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