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Adina Lichtman

SPEAK: Shelter

Adina Lichtman - CEO/ Founder, KKGS is the founder of Knock Knock, Give a Sock which she started during her sophomore year of college. She completed both an undergraduate and Master‚Äôs degree in social work at NYU. After school, Adina decided to take KKGS full-time. She is in charge of the organization‚Äôs leadership and operations. When not busy collecting socks, Adina fills her time hosting big shabbat dinners, learning about reincarnation, and traveling in nature. Adina envisions a world where people are inclusive and working together to make a difference, and uses this as her daily motivation.

All Sessions by Adina Lichtman

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
The Laurie Beechman Theatre - Mainstage

The SPEAKers

The lineup for SPEAK: Shelter features 10 incredible talks. (click the photo to read their bio)
🎤 ADINA LICHTMAN: "A Really Good Hug"
🎤 JENNY LINCOLN: "Seeking Refuge … Inside Out Approach!"
🎤 KATHERINE BELTRAN: "A Journey of Finding Home"
🎤 CHARLES SOLIS, JR.: "Love, Miracles, and the Power of Shelter"
🎤 DR. KRISTEN SZABLA: "Creating a Shelter of Love to Transform Pain into Authentic Empowerment"
🎤 TINA LARSSON: "Overcoming Fear and Embracing Opportunities"
🎤 SUZANNE DUNN: "Unveiling the Power of Shelter: A Journey of Faith"
🎤 JENNY POWERS: "Hiding in Plain Sight: The Burden of Perfectionism"
🎤 VALERIE CHAN: "How Tiger Parenting Helped Me Overcome Real Estate Fraud"