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Ana Jorge, known as Coach AnnaJo, has navigated a diverse 18-year corporate career across Portugal, Spain, France, and the UK before settling in New Jersey, USA, in 2016. Her journey reflects her adaptability in shifting identities and adjusting to varied cultures and work environments. In 2019, Ana redirected her path towards life coaching, launching her 'Work-Life Harmony' program, driven by her experiences of balancing a demanding career with parenting two children.With an engineering background and a history of leading scientific teams, Ana's transition in March 2024 marked a significant shift. She moved from a corporate identity to an entrepreneurial one, establishing AnnaJo Coaching LLC. This step signifies her evolution from adapting to corporate structures to creating and leading her venture.Ana's story demonstrates her capability to adapt to different cultures and professional environments. Her move to life coaching is a testament to her dedication to personal growth and guiding others. Ana's journey, from corporate roles across Europe to becoming an entrepreneur in the US, showcases her resilience and commitment to helping others find balance and fulfillment in their lives.

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