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Anne Borow-Lawrence

SPEAK: Disrupt

Anne Borow-Lawrence, M.Ed. is an award-winning international speaker, coach, and founder of EnVision, CCS. She started her career as art and dance therapist and brought her commitment to empowering people to her work in Human Resources with a focus on leadership development and organizational change. She has always focused on creating new paradigms and environments in which people could flourish, improve theirperformance, expand and be acknowledged and appreciated for their contributions.Having led over 200 transformational seminars and touched thousands of lives, Anne passes on the magic and power of Creativity using her Kaleidoscope Method, a new perspective on the process we all share – aging. From having taken care of her aging mother and transforming her mom’s life from one of Survival to Thrival and soon after, empowering and healing herself through multiple Breast Cancer related surgeries as well as treatments, Anne has been a leader in transformation since 1976. Her mission is to shift people’s perspective on the natural process of life, i.e. aging, to raise people’s awareness of their natural gifts as creators, and discover, explore, and connect with their souls and spirit to access the artist within and unlock the masterpiece that is their life.

All Sessions by Anne Borow-Lawrence

7:05 pm - 8:15 pm
Launchpad Five One Six - The Studio

SPEAKers: Act 1

Act 1 of SPEAK: Disrupt features 5 incredible talks. (click the photo to read their bio)
🎤 DR. CARRIE JOHANSSON: “The Boundary Castle: How to Set Effective Boundaries with Ease”
🎤 ROBERT SIMELS: “Tilting at Windmills”
🎤 ANNE BOROW LAWRENCE: “The Wake Up Call: A Cleverly Disguised Gift”
🎤 RAY ANN HAVASY “Science for All”
🎤 LINDA-MARIE MILLER: “Pretending Not to Know”