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Damon Lembi is a two-time bestselling author, host of The Learn-It-All Podcast, and a thought leader whose passion for leadership development and life-long learning shines through in his energetic and inspiring speaking engagements. As CEO of Learnit--the global leader in corporate training—he’s helped upskilled over 1.8 million people gaining valuable, behind-the-scenes insight into how great companies learn and what makes strong leaders effective. Prior to joining Learnit, Damon had a successful baseball career playing for three Hall of Fame coaches and picking up practical lessons about teamwork, motivation, and persistence that contribute to his unique perspective on leadership.In his bestselling The Learn-It-All Leader—Mindset, Traits, and Tools he distilled and developed that perspective providing insights and strategies for leaders of every level to embrace continuous learning and build their leadership skills.With nearly thirty years of experience, Damon brings valuable leadership lessons and an approachable style to every talk. His actionable insights on motivation, teamwork, and life-long learning have been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, ATD, and Chief Executive, among others. With heartfelt humor and contagious passion, Damon inspires audiences to keep growing through continuous learning and to unleash their inner learn-it-all leader.

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