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Dr. Johnathan Edwards

SPEAK: Health

Johnathan Edwards is a medical doctor, author, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. He is the author of The Revolutionary Ketamine – a book about how a little-known drug stops suicide. He has also authored several other books on ketamine, suicide prevention, chronic pain management, COVID-19, marathon running, and the Dakar rally. Additionally, he contributes to Road Bike Action magazine and offers consultations to athletes and business leaders. Johnathan splits his time between Provence, France, and Florida, where he resides with his family and their Boston Terrier, Lulu.

All Sessions by Dr. Johnathan Edwards

7:15 pm - 8:10 pm
Bethel Christian Center - Mainstage

SPEAKers: Act 1

Act 1 of SPEAK: Health features 5 incredible talks to start our show. (click the photo to read their bio)
🎤 DR. JOHNATHAN EDWARDS: “How a Little-Known Drug Stops Suicide”
🎤 BROOKE SIEM: “This Talk May Cause Side Effects”
🎤 ERROL PIERRE: “The Biggest Health Issue of 2024”
🎤 GENA BRADSHAW: “Putting the Warrior to Rest”
🎤 ALEX PURSGLOVE: “Can We Talk About This?”

8:20 pm - 9:00 pm
Bethel Christian Center - Mainstage

The SPEAK Podcast: Act 2

Act 2 of SPEAK: Health features the first ever LIVE recording of The SPEAK Podcast where our hosts, George, Fred, and Jason will sit for a fireside chat with the SPEAKers of the Health pop-up event to close out the show.