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Dr. Kerrie Carter-Walker

SPEAK: Desire

Dr. Kerrie Carter-Walker was born and raised in the small town of Cuero, Texas. Her childhood and life experiences have taught her that no matter what obstacles you come across, your past does not dictate your future. She is a strong believer that God gives everyone gifts and talents and it is up to them to use them to fulfill a specific purpose in life. After being in education as a Teacher and Assistant Principal for 10 years, she found a new passion in life; real estate. She will forever be an educator at heart and now can help people from all over find the home of their dreams, start and build their investment portfolios, and coach women of all ages into finding their purpose and live FULL lives. Her background consists of a BA from Concordia University at Austin in Kinesiology and a Master's in Education in Curriculum and Instruction. She also received her Doctorate of Education from Concordia University-Portland. She has a wealth of knowledge, and a great personality and loves to serve through teaching, speaking, and coaching. Dr. Kerrie's personal and educational experiences, have given her the skills and mindset needed to be a successful Realtor, Investor, Transformational Speaker, and Coach.

All Sessions by Dr. Kerrie Carter-Walker

8:20 pm - 9:10 pm
Ground Floor Theatre- Mainstage

SPEAK: Desire Act 2

Act 2 of SPEAK: Desire features our final 4 incredible talks to finish the show. (click the photo to read their bio)
🎤 SHARYL WEST LOEUNG: “Naming My Gremlin: A Journey of Self-Discovery with Chronic Illness”
🎤 MICHAEL ALLEN: “What Happens When Your Desire is Not Allowed?”
🎤 DR. KERRIE CARTER-WALKER: “I Got Up So You Could Get Up!”
🎤 SLOANE: “True Pleasure: A Modern Practice for True Influence, Power and Connection”