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Fay Hosseini

SPEAK: Desire

Fay Hosseini is a Persian-Canadian ER pharmacist who moved to Seattle soon after completing her Doctorate Degree in pharmacy in 2008. She has since won the ER staff excellence award 9 times for her dedication and commitment to patient care. In 2018, Fay watched her mother succumb to cholangiocarcinoma, a devastating loss that led her to the world of coaching and personal development. Fay is now a featured Life and Business coach on the Mindvalley platform where she supports her clients across the world. She is also the host of the popular podcast, A Dose of Perspective, a place where busy professionals can learn how to master emotional resiliency by harnessing the power of their own mind. She frequently speaks in the Seattle area about topics pertaining to leadership, the invisible shackles of culture and tradition, women’s mental health and wellbeing, and resilience. Fay’s heartfelt mission is to continue honoring her mother’s legacy by using her voice to inspire women and young girls especially, to rise and shine and trail blaze legacies they never dreamed possible.

All Sessions by Fay Hosseini

7:10 pm - 8:10 pm
Ground Floor Theatre - Mainstage

SPEAKers: Act 1

Act 1 of SPEAK: Desire features 5 incredible talks to start our show. (click the photo to read their bio)
🎤 KIRSTY VERITY: “The Illusion of Desire”
🎤 HERTHA LUND: “How Owning Our Desire is the Key to Loving Ourselves and Living Wholeheartedly”
🎤 ADAM ZAFFUTO: “The Death of an Innocent Child”
🎤 EMMA PRICE.: “Wishful Thinking”
🎤 FAY HOSSEINI: “Chosen To Be First”