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Glenn Freezman

SPEAK: Laughter

Glenn Freezman, currently works as a Customer Service Manager at Ruoff Mortgage.  Prior to that, he spent 35 years, after joining his brother in the title insurance business, and grew it from a dozen or so deals a month, to over a thousand. Success came through constantly challenging what was normal in the industry (often because he didn’t know any “better”), and always pushing the envelope within the rules and regs governing the title insurance  business.  Through various partnerships, he was the President, Vice President or Managing Partner of upwards of 25 Successful Title Agencies over 3 and a half decades. He has managed a staff of 65 employees, from clerical to the CFO, with a Father's pride and a CEO’s work ethic. He was responsible for disbursing up to 140 Million dollars worth of loans per month, and he is proud to say that he was 35 years, claim free.

At 20 years old, he left the University of Hawaii after 3 months, to come home and run his family’s candy store, “We’re Not All Nuts,” so his dad could look after his mom, as she was in the final stages of dying from cancer, after a long 10 year battle.  He fulfilled his mom’s dream, turning the one store into many, and soon had five stores locally.  He then did her dream one better, and took it national, celebrating each and every victory with her, at her bedside. 

But it all started because of an 8th grade math teacher that was his greatest Antagonist, ultimately the one responsible for teaching him a lesson.  But not every lesson is learned with the intention to which it was taught.  Some will say that living well is the best revenge. Glenn believes that Living Well above your antagonist's low expectations  and grave predictions is the best revenge.

Glenn's true business career in sales began at the ripe old age of 13, when his dad, a hard working kind-hearted man went bankrupt for the third time while his mother was dying of cancer.  The home was in foreclosure and both of the family cars were repossessed. (But they did save a bunch of money on car insurance :-)) Compared to Glenn,  Oliver Twist had it easy.  The good news was, his “Fagan”, was a kind and compassionate pretzel vendor, who saw in him what Glenn now sees in others; an indomitable spirit, passion to do the right thing, and a wellspring of energy, in need of “A Little Help!”  

In 5 short years he ended up selling 500,000 pretzels, and in the process learned a lifetime of lessons that only working the streets and stadiums of Philadelphia can teach you.  He proudly  graduated from The “U” of “ME” with a PHD in Pretzel Logic, a degree you cannot get anywhere except the College of Soft Pretzels with a degree in “Hard Knots”.  

He made a lot of “Dough” parlayed it from one business to the next all with a deep burning desire that started with the following words from an 8th grade math teacher that never understood the value of her words. “You will never be anything! You will be broke, alone and on welfare!”  

Now that's motivation!

Thank your Antagonists! 

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8:05 pm - 8:35 pm
LP516 Event Space

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