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Joe Apfelbaum

SPEAK: Laughter

Joe Apfelbaum is the CEO of Ajax Union, a digital marketing agency. Joe is a business strategist, marketing expert, AI consultant, and certified Google trainer. Joe enjoys speaking and writing about marketing, business networking, and personal development in his seminars, webinars, and articles. Joe is the guest expert of the popular podcast High Energy Marketing. Joe is the author of 5 books including High Energy Marketing. As a LinkedIn trainer and strategist Joe trains over 600 business and sales professionals on how to leverage LinkedIn each year in his online course and coaching sessions with Evyrgreen Networking. Joe is an active member of the Executives Association of New York City, a premier business networking organization. His network includes members of Vistage, EO, YPO, YEC, and the INC5000 community. Joe is a selfie master, he takes 1000 selfies a year with entrepreneurs and makes hundreds of introductions to business professionals in his network. Joe is proud of all his accomplishments, but most of all he is proud of his purpose, being the best possible single dad to his 5 beautiful amazing children.

All Sessions by Joe Apfelbaum

7:20 pm - 8:00 pm
LP516 Event Space

SPEAKers: Act 1

Act 1 of SPEAK: Laughter features 5 incredible talks to start our show. (click the photo to read their bio)
🎤 MIKE COTAYO: “Handicaps, HIV, and Humor”
🎤 LADA LYSNIAK: “How Laughter Helped Save My Life”
🎤 JOE APFELBAUM: “The Journey to Laughter: From Trauma to Triumph in Entrepreneurship”
🎤 JEFF GOLDBERG.: “Laughter is a Gift”
🎤 JENN LEDERER: “How Comedy Helped Me Come Out”