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Lindsay Hurty

SPEAK: Family

Lindsay Hurty, Ed.M., is a Harvard-educated self-development teacher, writer and speaker. Co-founder of Everwell – an education platform + inspiration network for women – Lindsay has designed, facilitated or hosted 350+ programs, including her signature online course, SELF SCHOOL.  A former beloved high school English teacher, Lindsay now works to redefine what a lifelong education is, by guiding adults to take ownership of their self-education. Relying on proven frameworks, storytelling and a willingness to model vulnerability, Lindsay champions meaningful connection as a gateway to transformative inside-out awareness and wellness. Lindsay’s students describe her as a 'teacher of the soul' and a 'seed-planter'. Lindsay recently made her YouTube début on 'Becoming Everwell with Linds', where she shares original stories about everyday experiences that capture the rich textures + fleeting melodies of the midlife symphony. With roots in both California and Connecticut, Lindsay’s favorite part of life is being woven into her loved ones’ fabric as spouse, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, aunt, friend and most especially: Mom to her three kids.

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1:05 pm - 2:30 pm
Launchpad Five One Six - The Studio

SPEAKers: Act 1

Act 1 of SPEAK: Family features 6 incredible talks. (click the photo to read their bio)
🎤 TANYA DALTON: “My Family Secret: The Price of Silence”
🎤 SHERI-ANN BEST: “The Quiet Coincidence”
🎤 JEFF KLEIN: “The Moses of Shreveport”
🎤 JACKIE BAILEY: “Happily Even After”
🎤 JUDITH M. WEIGLE: “Family Feud: Who Gets the Velvet Elvis?”
🎤 LINDSAY HURTY: “Leaning Into Vulnerability: One Mom’s Story”