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Robert Esposito

SPEAK: Freedom

Rob was committed at a young age to achieving success and to owning his own business. He started his career working in the restaurant industry where he made critical life changing relationships with business owners who later became mentors and partners. The work experience spending 12 or more hours a day at the restaurant
played an important part in Rob’s understanding and commitment to customer service and creating positive experiences for clients. He saw how to run a business and how to treat people.

For Rob, taking risks was a key part of achieving personal freedom. In one instance, as a young man, Rob and his friends were hired for $150 to remove leaves from a large property. However, after arriving at the property, the riding mower would not fit though the gate, forcing him and his friends to leave. After telling his father, Rob took the advice to return to the property alone with a rake and worked by himself for days. He earned $700, which proved to be a turning point for him, showing that hard work pays off. He recognized that with personal commitment, freedom could be achieved.

When his Nana got cancer. My mother being the caretaker of the family spent weeks emptying out her queens home and moving my Nana to Long Island. She said must be a better way. She put an ad in the paper “Old Stuff Out Brings the Money In let us show you where to begin” With that she left her secretary job and started building an estate sale company.

After College Rob started doing clean-outs of his mothers sale clients.
He then took the risk of purchasing his own box truck with all the money that he had. With no clients or business plan, he knew that this was a risk. He saw that this was either the path to becoming a millionaire or going bankrupt. Robert started Relocator Service Inc in 2007 with the goal of creating an easier all in one service for people transitioning out of a home.

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8:35 pm - 9:45 pm
Bellmore Movies & Showplace - Mainstage

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