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Sharyl West Loeung

SPEAK Producer, SPEAK: Desire

Raised in a family of musicians, she was drawn not just to melodies but also to the possibilities created by shared experiences. Although the cadence of her communication would shift over time, the heart of the message remained the same: “Your story matters.” As a speaker, Sharyl inspires audiences to embrace vulnerability, challenge societal norms, and find strength in their own narratives. As an award-winning author, publisher, and co-founder of Kardia House, she hones narratives that resonate with readers and encourages authors to embrace their unique stories. As a speaker coach, her collaborative approach fosters trust and authenticity, enabling speakers to connect with audiences on a profound level. In addition to her coaching endeavors, Sharyl is a visionary event producer. From the Belief & Belonging Festival to SPEAK: Homecoming to the upcoming SPEAK: Intersect (May 15th in Dallas!). Sharyl is married with two children and a menagerie of family and foster pets.

All Sessions by Sharyl West Loeung

8:20 pm - 9:10 pm
Ground Floor Theatre- Mainstage

SPEAK: Desire Act 2

Act 2 of SPEAK: Desire features our final 4 incredible talks to finish the show. (click the photo to read their bio)
🎤 SHARYL WEST LOEUNG: “Naming My Gremlin: A Journey of Self-Discovery with Chronic Illness”
🎤 MICHAEL ALLEN: “What Happens When Your Desire is Not Allowed?”
🎤 DR. KERRIE CARTER-WALKER: “I Got Up So You Could Get Up!”
🎤 SLOANE: “True Pleasure: A Modern Practice for True Influence, Power and Connection”