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Sloane guides powerful women in creating their unique version of success through her peak performance path designed especially for women. This path has a foundation of true pleasure and feeling good on the inside first and then creating and connecting in the world at the highest levels. With a certification in Women’s Neuropsychophysiology, Sloane combines spirituality and personal growth with the latest science on women’s neurobiology and has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide through transformational peak experiences, retreats, courses and private coaching. Sloane is also a former business attorney with over a decade experience advising entrepreneurs and companies ranging from startups to multi-billion dollar enterprises. She scaled and sold her boutique law firm in 2018. In addition to her life mission to elevate women, Sloane is passionate about exploring the pleasures of life, connecting with great humans, and adventuring with her daughter.

All Sessions by Sloane

8:20 pm - 9:10 pm
Ground Floor Theatre- Mainstage

SPEAK: Desire Act 2

Act 2 of SPEAK: Desire features our final 4 incredible talks to finish the show. (click the photo to read their bio)
🎤 SHARYL WEST LOEUNG: “Naming My Gremlin: A Journey of Self-Discovery with Chronic Illness”
🎤 MICHAEL ALLEN: “What Happens When Your Desire is Not Allowed?”
🎤 DR. KERRIE CARTER-WALKER: “I Got Up So You Could Get Up!”
🎤 SLOANE: “True Pleasure: A Modern Practice for True Influence, Power and Connection”