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Tony Flores

SPEAK: Beginnings

Anthony Flores holds a degree in Philosophy from Stanford University. After college, he began his marketing and writing career mentoring under industry legends, producing what many experts regard as the most comprehensive course in direct response advertising. In 2016, he had a sudden awakening while doing brainwave (aka neurofeedback) training in Sedona, Arizona, learning that he could consciously control his brainwaves to experience profound mystical states of joy and bliss. Since then, he's worked with leaders in that field to refine his understanding of brainwaves and neurology's role in human happiness. He is currently working on a book about expansive states of being for performance, while also co-leading a conscious wealth group using cryptocurrency investing and meditative technologies to change critical systems all over the planet.

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9:00 pm - 9:45 pm
Stage 317 - Mainstage

SPEAKers: Act 2

Act 2 of SPEAK: Beginnings features 5 incredible talks to close our show.